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Table of History



Version on Label

Methodology Release


May 2021

Blank (i.e. no version number)


Initial launch

Note: Devices assessed with this version/methodology are not comparable with the subsequent versions.

January 2023

Version 2


Version 2 discontinued (all scores were recalculated and replaced with version 3).

  • new device technologies added (e.g. new cameras)

  • lowering the weighting of those criteria that the majority of devices already support.

  • additional points for devices that are produced with renewable energy, support a longer lifetime and include circularity aspects.

January 2024

Version 3

  • Higher weighting for models that increase longevity capabilities (including durability and reparability); this drives the benefit that customers may use their devices for longer and reduces carbon emissions.

  • Re-scale of each LCA parameter into the overall score and reflect key criteria from EU Eco Design directive.